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More arrows found  -  by Sigroune

We find every week at least one unknown arrow.

We remind you that we shoot on private grounds so need abolutely to have a licence to shoot.

picture found arrows

Published on 05/02/2022 11:55  - none comment - |     |
Happy new year 2022  -  by Sigroune

Happy new year 2022.


Published on 22/12/2021 13:32  - none comment - |     |

Two of our members participated in the competition Parcours France 2021 in Saint-Saud-Lacoussière

First place for Marlène, historic bow

Third place fore Christoph, historic bow.


Impressions after the competition

Avant la remise des prix

Avant la remise des prix

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Who is the owner of this 2 arrows found on our grounds? No member recognized them until today.


Published on 16/09/2021 11:58  - none comment - |     |
A young archer  -  by webmaster

You want to do some archery with your child. But a 2 year old just wants to ride on the animals laugh.

3D target with child

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Running boar  -  by webmaster
On our grounds, we have a "running pig" (foam). Some archers pretend it runs too fast. Here is a video of a real animal. I can be seen during 2 seconds.

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Happy new year 2021  -  by webmaster

BONNE-ANNEE-2021.jpgOur new tiger on the point to overwhelm the zombie cool

Published on 01/01/2021 12:49  - none comment - |     |

I won(t participate any longer if the people have no face and it is impossible to see a smile. confused

This is a photomontage - not an original !

masks for everyone even the 3D

Published on 19/10/2020 19:36  - none comment - |     |
Activities 2020 - 2021  -  by webmaster

the new saison 2020 - 2021 has started at th association  Compagnie des Archers du Bandiat.

We meet every Saturday at 2 p.m.

All persons interested in field archery are welcome. (Part of our members are English.)

We always shoot in the woods in small groups of 3 to 5 archers.

Because of the situation we can't yet decide for a date of the next competition.

Certainly we will organise a competition for the 20 years of our association in autumn 2021 

Tigre en mousse 3D

Published on 14/10/2020 13:20  - none comment - |     |

The journalist Xavier Lavallée allows us to publish his picture from the competion on March 8th 2020. No one of the archers usually taking pictures was present and it was a cloudy day, which is never inspiring for photographers.


Reminder: You can consult the results in "Downloads" section of the site.

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