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First competitions of 2013  -  by webmaster

First competitions in 2013

The very first competion in march:   L'Arbre à Plumes near Saint-Saud-Lacoussière. They have no room for meals so we have a picnic on the grounds.

The archers in the morning



And after the meal

Michel shooting


The last target of the day.


Second competion in Campagne.

It was cloudy and cold so the camera stayed in the car.

Competion in Toulouse

Every year at Easter the club of Toulouse has a competion, weatherforcast was bad. But we were lucky. Sunday was the only day without rain. Two of our archers went to Toulouse.



The day of the competition of the club Vallée Ténébreuse, Nantiat en Haute-Vienne it is warm and sunny

Members of our club during the meal.

People from Nantiat doing the cleaning up after the meal.

Shooting the lion (or not) from a tree-stand. The horse does not even look at us.

Seems someone lost an arrow.This time it's not mine cool.

Counting at the end of the day near the crocodile on a small river.

On our way home we wanted to try the road of the navigation system. But even after updating the new road to St Junien was unknown, And we got a message "no road".


Some more picture on Picasa

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