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Assemblee December 2014


This is not a true translation.

The assembly of the FFTL was hold in Pelvezy, St Geniès near Sarlat.

The most important point:

Gilbert Weck the president resigned and the vice-president has to do his job for the next months (or more).

The other important point was the demand of the secretary to expel an archer from the federation. We thought it might be Jean Philippe but the secretary refused to tell the name and his case discription had nothing to do with our club. He said the "conseiller" asked a late licence in June for an archer who wanted to participe in a competition and later sent only 20 euro instead of 33 but refused to pay and insulted the secretary. We asked the last licence in April and had already paid most of the licence in December 2013 and the archer does not go to competitions.

Finally yesterday JP learned that's him they want to expel but not any longer because of 10€ never voted, but because our club asks too many questions which they declare is against the spirit of the federation. Seems that we finally don't live in a democracy.

More detailed information about the assembly is in the download section where we will put the "statuts" too. In French !


Thanks to Gérard from Toulouse there are some pictures (here)

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