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EFAC 2013 in Agfalva, Sopron, Hungaria

The EFAC (european field archery championships) was organized in Agfalva a village near Sopron in Hungary from 9th to 13th of july 2013. Jean Philippe and Sigrun took their courage and registered, even if the field distances are difficult with longbows of little draw weight. Also Sopron is not quiet next door to Javerlhac, Dordogne - over 1600 km. It was our first participation in an international championship. 22 nations participatated with 19 French archers. Only three women from France and two longbows (from our club!) For the five days four courses of 28 targets each were prepared. Everybody shot the same targets on every day : field, hunter, animal round, field, hunter. Every evening the hungarian volonteers had to change oll target faces!

Monday 9th july

Registration and opening ceremony with a walk of all archers from Sopron stadium to the central place (Fö ter) after the usul allocations a drink was served.

compounds sur le practice


Compound bows on the practice


opening ceremony


Opening ceremony


opening ceremony


The young boy with the cardboard“France” Simon Tamas is a hungarian archer. He won bronze in the category cadet-barebow-recurve


opening ceremony


We are waiting the time France is announced to enter the place. - Behind the archers ruines of the ancient roman town.


opening ceremony


Opening ceremony


opening ceremony


Opening ceremony


opening ceremony


















Tuesday 10th july

First day of the competition, longbows are on course Delta. We are lucky Jean Philippe and Sigrun are in the same group together with Tea from Finland and Peter from Sopron. Peter didn't stay veteran the next days, because he was three months too young.

Day one


Last instructions before the start.


Day one-2









Wednesday 11th july

Longbows are on course Alpha, the only one with steep slopes and the one with only one rest-point. Probably because no path practical by car was in that part of the forest.

day two-1


First groups starting.


day two-2


Those who have to wait sit in the sun or better in the shadow.


day two-3


Two groups meeting at the rest-point with water to refill our bottles.


Thursday 12th july

On course Bravo. The only one with some target in the fields. It doesn't matter for today is cloudy.

day three-1



day three-2









We have to wait and someone offers to make a picture of my group in front of a beech: Sigrun, Tea, Olli, Matti, a 75 % Finish group :)


day three-3





Jean Philippe's group, the other men are Reinhard from Austria, Jim from Scotland and Yoshi from Germany. Every one knows it, we live in a small world. In fact, one evening after the shooting we discovered, that Yoshi knows a young archer, Paul, who shot during his 2012 holidays in a small competition of our club.

Friday 12th july

On course Charly. A photographer was needed to take a picture of Jim's perfect shot of all four arrows in the spot.

day four-1


day four-2











Jean Philippe controles his shooting with binoculars.


day four-3













The are only four targets left, but other groups are before us, so we have to wait.


day four-4



The 80 yard target in a wood of beeches. - There is a group counting points at the target.








Saturday 13th july

Last day, back to course Delta.

day five-1


The hills of Agfalva where the competition is taking place.


day five-2


On the grass where the registration took place the Hungarians put up activities of the people from Sopron, musique, games for children and so on. We didn't understand anything. This time no announcements in English, only hungarian.

day five-3


day five-4



day five-5




Award ceremony























More pictures in thePicasa album of Sigroune


Here some pictures of Agfalva, Sopron and the national parc Fertö-Hansag (lake Neusiedl).










The village Agfalva


















Center of Sopron

















The small restaurant where we took our evening meals and next to it a "konditorei" offering cream cakes and very good ice cream.t







At 30 km, lake Neusiedl and the national parc Fertö-Hansag.


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